Inspire the next generation of linguists

We are on a mission to create the next generation of modern foreign languages (MFL) teachers in the UK.

MFL is a core part of the UK curriculum, and we offer what we believe to be the best route into language teaching, with a very high standard of training provision and above average number of hours of in-classroom experience.

Our passion for languages and language learning has led to the creation of a unique teacher training programme, developed as a partnership between both the state and independent education sectors. The course is the only national teacher training course specialising in modern languages.

Why choose a SCITT course?

The SCITT course is an excellent combination of academic study and hands-on experience in the classroom – with additional specialist training from our modern languages experts.

You are supported at every stage by expert mentors.

You receive first class, school-based training but with full access to University facilities.

Your course is designed by current teachers, rooted in the reality of life in the classroom.

Our locations

We are continually developing our network of geographical hubs, which centre around a cluster of state and independent schools in a local area, making it easier for trainees to find a location that suits their needs.

We currently have hubs in: London, Manchester, Sheffield & the Peak District, Oundle, Abingdon & Oxfordshire, the East Midlands & South Lincolnshire, the Humber & North Lincolnshire.

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