Your Modern Language Teaching Professional Development

We have a genuine commitment to your continued professional development and our close relationship with the Sheffield Teaching School Alliance enables us to provide the expertise to support you every step of the way.

Before you start the course

After you have accepted your place on our course your professional development will start. Several documents and tasks will be sent out to you in different stages to get you ready for the official start of your modern language teacher training.

We will also gather information from you. The information is only used to help us to get to know you better so that we can highlight any additional training needs you may have.

You will be sent a summer reading as well in order to help you gain an insight into the history of the English education system. This task will require independent reading and filling in a reflective journal to be completed before the course starts.

We will also send you links to educational video clips as well as insights into everyday life in England, great British films and recommended novels to start your training journey.

During the course

During your training you will complete a personal log of your professional development which will enable you to evidence your progress and focus on gaining a wide range of experiences to prepare you for future employment.

As part of your teacher training course we will also ensure that you have the opportunity to visit a primary school and to teach in a post-16 institution. The aim of these experiences during your training year is to learn more about the phases in education that come before and after Key Stages 3 and 4. This will focus your attention on the needs of pupils throughout their secondary schooling. In addition, we will support you in enhancing your insight into the special needs provision.

For those of you who join our programme from abroad our course provides you with the opportunity to not only develop your English language skills but also to experience first-hand innovative teaching methods, the English education system and everyday life in the UK.

Getting your first job and beyond!

Employment rate GRAPHOur TSA is at the forefront of current professional development to enhance expertise of teaching of English as an additional language (EAL). All of this knowledge and skill has been integrated into our course and in the future we hope to offer a recognised qualification in the teaching of English as an additional language.

In the second part of your training course we will help you prepare for your next steps to continue your teaching career. We will use our extensive network of partnership schools in the state and independent sector to highlight teaching vacancies and support you with the application process, guide you through the interview preparation and help you get ready for your first job.

Sheffield Teaching School Alliance is designated by the Department for Education as a statutory body for Newly Qualified Teachers. This means that we have extensive expertise in preparing new teachers to successfully complete their induction year after gaining Qualified Teacher Status.

Hopefully you will start a fulfilling career which will see you advancing from your successful training with the National Modern Languages SCITT to employment and continued professional development within our network.

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