Why teach MFL

Creating a world of connections for the next generation

Should I train to teach languages?

Teaching is an opportunity to share your enthusiasm for language with the next generation of children and young people – helping to make a difference in their lives and open up the opportunity for connecting with others across the world.

As a profession, teaching provides plenty of variety and reward – positively impacting on young people’s lives and expanding your option of career opportunities and personal development.

We can support you throughout your career development and help you train for roles including:

  • Head of French/German/Spanish/Mandarin, or a Modern Languages department.
  • A pastoral role, such as Head of Year or Key Stage, or leading on areas such as ‘character education’, ‘student engagement’, ‘managing progress’, etc.
  • Senior leadership roles, defined by your experience and the needs of the school – ranging from Assistant and Deputy Heads to Heads of School, Headteachers and Executive Heads.
  • Working within a teacher training provider, School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) and teacher professional learning, as a coach, mentor, trainer or facilitator.

Why teach Modern Foreign Languages?

A profession in demand

The UK government is committed to increasing the proportion of pupils gaining language qualifications and needs more language teachers to achieve this goal.

Sharing enthusiasm for different cultures

Teaching languages provides an opportunity to introduce pupils to the cultural aspects behind the language and share your knowledge base about other cultures.

Helping students succeed

A language GCSE can also give pupils an edge when applying to study a wide range of degree courses at university and prepare them for the global job market.

Job security and satisfaction

Teaching languages offers a competitive starting salary of between £25,714 and £32,157 (depending on where you teach) and a diverse range of opportunities for rapid career progression.

In the CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey report 2019, of the 190,000 employers surveyed over a third had a demand for German (37%), Spanish (35%) and French (32%) in addition to English. Additionally, with the Department of Education aiming to have at least 90% of students studying some kind of language through the English Baccalaureate by 2025, the demand for language teachers continues to grow.

Why does teaching languages appeal to you?

“I love languages and wanted to impart that passion into other kids.”

What do you hope to achieve when you become a fully qualified languages teacher?

“To inspire a child’s life through the exploration of communication and confidence.”

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