Varied and Personalised Teacher Training Experience

Your peers on the programme come from a wide variety of backgrounds with at least one thing in common – you all speak at least one language in addition to your mother tongue. You have a wealth of linguistic and cultural expertise. It is our job to show you how to build on this as you become teachers of languages. Our programme has been set up to ensure that you receive individual, targeted support and guidance as you develop as Languages teachers. Lead Teachers, Mentors and Link Lead Teachers work in close partnership to make this happen.

Our ITT programme is designed specifically to meet the needs of languages trainees working in English schools. Many of you, not all, will be native speakers of languages other than English (e.g. French, German or Spanish). We have particular expertise in supporting those schooled in other countries – we know the issues you may face in terms of the language of behaviour management, for example, or in developing your use of appropriate target language to make it accessible to all of your pupils.

Language Teacher Training for French, German & Spanish

Tailored Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Teacher Training

The training programme combines online with face-to-face support; school-based training sessions and Day Schools. The key aims of the programme are:

  • To create a training plan to meet your individual needs.

  • To develop your teaching competences through a phased induction into good practice in Languages teaching under the guidance of a Mentor in your training school.

  • To enable you to engage critically in debate about education.

  • To familiarise you with the organisation and management of schools in England.

  • To be explicit about the thought processes of effective teachers.

  • To rehearse encounters you will have with pupils, their parents or carers and other teachers.

  • To support you in considering how pupils learn language and how this knowledge can influence your planning decisions.

  • To teach you how to get pupils talking in a foreign language.

  • To teach you how to assess and monitor pupils’ work.

  • To help you to become the teacher you want to become.

  • To prepare you for the next step into employment.

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