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How to become a Spanish teacher with our SCITT training programme

Introducing young minds to the wonders of Spanish culture and language

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is growing in popularity with students looking to learn a second language in school. Training to teach Spanish allows you to share your love of the Spanish culture and language with keen, young minds while enjoying a challenging yet highly rewarding career.

Our SCITT training programme will help you to reach Qualified Teacher Status and gain a career in the education sector as a Spanish teacher with further opportunities available such as Head of French/German/Spanish, Head of a Modern Languages Department, Specialist Leader in Education, and opportunities in middle and senior leadership. Teachers of Spanish in the UK receive an average starting salary of £24,373 and £30,480 in London and are eligible for support in their training year through scholarships and tax-free bursaries.

Start your train to teach Spanish journey through our SCITT teaching programme today by applying to become a trainee teacher, follow the application guidelines below or get in touch for further information.

How to Become a Spanish Teacher In the UK With the SCITT Teacher Training Programme

The application process

Register with APPLY or UCAS

You should register with APPLY or UCAS.

These systems will open for registrations in September/October.

Guidance and help options are available on their websites through the registration.



Search and select The National Modern Languages SCITT, Silverdale School at UCAS or APPLY to complete the application online.


Your application will arrive in school immediately and we begin the recruitment process with a shortlisting exercise which looks at applicants’ strengths and weaknesses.


The National Modern Languages SCITT will shortlist candidates using a scoring matrix and invite successful candidates for interview at Silverdale school, a partner school, or online.

The interview process will include representatives from the schools and will be a half-day to full day process.


We will contact all successful applicants at the end of the interview day. Similarly, we will provide written feedback if we have not made an offer.

After a successful application

Individual Training Plan

Your train to teach journey begins by creating an Individual Training Plan with your mentor and school. The ITP is built around your individual needs and will help you to successfully reach QTS and proceed into working as a Spanish teacher. During your training year your ITP will be regularly reviewed to ensure you are gathering the evidence required and meet the criteria set by the Department for Education known as the Teachers’ Standards.

Four-day induction

In August/September before your school placement starts, you’ll attend a four day induction. This will introduce you to the types of school experiences you will receive during your teacher training and provide an opportunity to meet your peers. Meeting like minded individuals will allow you to build a great support network of fellow trainees on their own journey to become Spanish and modern languages teachers.

Hands-on classroom training

We believe that school-centered training is the best way to become a successful teacher in Spanish and other modern languages. So you will spend most of your training year in one of our fantastic partner schools to gain hands-on teaching experience. You’ll also get a chance to spend six weeks in a second, contrasting school placement.

PGCE training

Throughout the training year you’ll have access to online support from Sheffield Hallam University and attend face to face PGCE seminars.

One-to-one mentoring & support documentation

Throughout your training to become a Spanish teacher, you will regularly meet with your Mentor and Lead Teacher for feedback, dedicated support and one-to-one catch-ups.

You will be provided with language-specific documentation and progress documentation to support your observations, planning and assessment throughout your teacher training.

Evidence collation and presentation

During your training to become a Spanish teacher you will build a personal portfolio of evidence to present as part of your Final Assessment. This portfolio will prove your competence and understanding of the Teachers’ Standards. All trainees are responsible for collecting their own evidence and your mentor can offer guidance on the type of evidence to collate.

Assessment & Qualified Teacher Status

All written work is assessed through Sheffield Hallam University and, once complete, you’ll achieve Qualified Teacher Status and PGCE with 60 Masters’ credits.

We aim to support you through Qualified Teacher Status and beyond with an excellent track record of getting our newly qualified trainees into employment as Spanish and modern languages teachers.

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