The SCITT Training Programme

The SCITT course is an excellent combination of academic study and hands-on experience in the classroom – with additional specialist training from our modern languages experts. We go to great lengths to ensure you are supported at every stage. We run both a one-year full time and a two-year part time course.

From the moment you accept your place you are provided with information and tasks to help bridge the gap between acceptance and your official start. These tasks are designed to start your familiarization with the English education system and prepare you for the start of your teacher training course.

The programme is designed to ensure that all input from the Day Schools, the Online Modules and from school is linked to your progress against the Teachers’ Standards.

Take a look at the NML SCITT calendar 2019-20. This gives you an idea of how the programme is delivered throughout the year.

Benefits of Our SCITT Programme

Individual Training Plan

This is a programme designed to meet your own, individual needs as you train to teach. There are also some common elements which apply to all trainees. With the help of your school, you devise an Individual Training Plan (ITP) at the start of the year which is regularly reviewed. After ascertaining what your initial needs are in September, your Mentor then plans, with you, this individual programme of support across the year; a new ITP is put together at the start of each of the three Phases of the course.

This process is supported by tasks set for you to complete after each Day School. An additional Activity Bank gives clear examples for you and your school of the type of activity the school could offer to supplement the activities you complete between Day Schools over the course of the year. This is designed as a support for schools and may not be needed if you are getting ample experience through other training offered by the school.

The range of training activities outlined on your ITP will provide you with clear evidence that you are developing your competence in all of the criteria set by the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) – the body responsible for teacher training in England. These criteria are used by all teacher training courses and schools in England and are called Teachers’ Standards. You will draw on your ITP for each Phase of the programme and the outcomes of your training activities to create a personal, reflective Portfolio of your year’s work which you will present to your school and Lead Teacher for final assessment in May/June. We will give you guidance on how to record and collate your evidence throughout the year. You are responsible for keeping all records resulting from the activities you do in school. We expect you to stand on your own two feet, to be independent and to take the initiative.

Key Elements of The Course

You will focus on language as a beginner, developing strategies and routines for the effective use of the target language in the classroom, lesson planning, different ways of presenting and practising new language, memorization techniques, the use of games and other motivating resources.

These introduction days link closely with what is happening in your school experience and give you structured follow-up tasks to complete over the first few weeks of the course.

Trainees come together to learn, discuss and share ideas about teaching languages.

The tasks will be supported by reading provided through Online Modules.

Ongoing school-based support throughout the year supported by your Individual Training Programme.

You will have an opportunity to teach in a second school.

You will receive languages specific documentation to support planning and observations.

You will also receive documentation to support monitoring and assessment of progress.

Support and advisory visits by your nominated Lead Teacher- rather like a personal Lead Teacher.

Online and face to face support and training for you and your Mentor.

You will get fully support for you in developing your Portfolio to present at Final Assessment.

Assessed written work for the qualification of PGCE through Sheffield Hallam University. This will be through written assignments assessed at Masters Level. You will be given access to online support from Sheffield Hallam University plus face to face PGCE Seminars.

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