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Lead School: Dulwich College

Dulwich College in London, a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference Group (HMC) is an academically selective independent boys’ school in south London. With its 400th anniversary in 2019, Dulwich has a distinguished tradition of inspired teaching and genuine scholarship.

Boys proceed from Dulwich to the most competitive of universities in the UK and in the world and thereafter into all the major professions, with a high number choosing to work in medicine, engineering and the law. The College has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the finest actors, musicians, sportsmen and writers in the country.

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About London

London is one of the world’s leading capital cities and offers you a wealth of opportunities. From the beautiful Dulwich Village to the 24-hour attractions of central London, there is something for everyone. The range of cultural, sporting and leisure opportunities is the best in the country.

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Latest news

Dulwich Upper School Hispanists discuss Brexit on local Spanish radio

Dulwich Upper School Hispanists discuss Brexit on local Spanish radio

One of the distinguishing features of the Spanish Work Experience trip to Cantabria over the past two years has been the live interview for a local Spanish radio station. This year gave the students the possibility not only to summarise their experience in a variety of work placements, but also to discuss a topical issue. This year´s group did not disappoint, giving a range of views on the impact of Brexit on both Spain and Britain. The interview questions were carefully prepared and asked by Henry Collins and Henry Wallder, who showed huge potential as future radio hosts.

For a second year in a row, students spent a week getting to grips with local Spanish businesses, involving speaking to clients on the phone in hotels, attending to locals in bars, restaurants, and in the tourist office, interviewing local councillors, mayors, and students, and assisting teachers in schools.

Given Ms Clark’s satisfaction at the high quality of coffee served by the boys and the consumption of multiple helpings by Mr Iltchev of paellas and stews produced by them, we are already looking forward to a repeat in 2020.

Inaugural Spanish Short Film Competition

Inaugural Spanish Short Film Competition

A group of four Dulwich College Year 10 Spanish students attended the inaugural Spanish Short Film Competition hosted by North London Collegiate School, in which five schools presented eights films in front of a panel of judges including a Spanish actress and representatives of the Languages department of Roehampton University and UCL.

Dulwich College London collaborated with Dulwich College Singapore to form two groups of students who entered two films into the competition.

The synopsis of the two films:

Elecciones de la vida
The short film explores the choices young people must make through adolescence in a satirical light. Set in a modern secondary school, our characters must consider the consequences of their actions as represented by the “angel” and the “devil”.
Starring: Teymour Taj, Chris Paton, Neihar Sagar, Lucia Tara Stockmann, and Monique Therese Cheng
(Teymour Taj was voted best supporting actor)

El suicidio
A short documentary discussing the increase in teen suicides due to the increase of use of social media. The film talks about the problems of cyber-bullying through social media and the increased number of teens with depression.
Starring: Constantinos Doran, Oscar Squirrell, Pranav Puranam, and Catherine Smith worked on El Suicidio (Suicide).
(voted best film)

Participating schools
Haberdasher Aske’s Boys’ School
North London Collegiate School
Putney High School
Bancroft´s School
Dulwich College

The students are to be congratulated on their own initiative, creativity, and teamwork as the Dulwich College entries were produced in collaboration with students at Dulwich College Singapore. They will be screened on Wednesday 27 March alongside another 10 short films made by students as part of the Dulwich Olympiad.

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