New teacher lab for NML SCITT trainees

NML SCITT trainees at our Oundle Hub can now benefit from the use of their new teaching lab providing trainees with access to the latest technology and the opportunity to explore different teaching methods through pedagogy.

The unique lab will be used by trainees to teach pupils and comes equipped with recording equipment for self-assessment, a live streaming facility and flexible seating which can be rearranged for small and large groups. To inspire trainees in creating an engaging learning environment for pupils, the room also contains writeable surfaces with tilt-up table tops for mini presentations, and wrap-around walls and boards that pupils are encouraged to populate with their ideas and contributions within their lessons.

Sara Davidson, Director of SCITT’s at Oundle School, said: “The teacher Lab forms a key resource for our trainee teachers at Oundle and provides state-of-the-art support for the development of their skills as they train for the profession.”

Katrin Sredzki-Seamer, Director of National Modern Language SCITT, added: “The new teaching lab at Oundle will provide a fantastic opportunity for our trainees to enhance their skills and knowledge and prepare them for life as a language teacher when they finish their training.

“Our partner schools are based all around the UK and it’s only through our amazing collaborative work that we can provide such great opportunities for our trainees. We are constantly looking to expand our range of partnerships schools. If anyone is interested in becoming a partner with us, then please get in touch to discuss further.”

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