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from our Teaching School trainees

The training experience places you in a first-hand professional experience that shows you what it is like to be a teacher. This is a positive process that is supported brilliant by the Teaching School and your placement school.

I’ve had the best year and completely fallen in love with my job and teaching in general…I’m fully prepared for working in schools, and a huge reason for that is the Teaching School.

…you have provided me all the knowledge and support needed to become an outstanding trainee.

I have learnt so much and have consequently developed my teaching skills and knowledge to a point I didn’t believe possible.

I really enjoyed the practical element of the course, where I could put the theory that I learnt into practice.

Being part of a team in school during my training was so important. It allow me to both develop my teaching and create lasting friendships with my mentor and colleagues.

It’s like a family – I have loved meeting and working with such supportive colleagues.

It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs. Supportive school staff have helped me through the course. I have made new friends. But most importantly the children have made me laugh during the tougher stages of the course. Remember who and why you are there for.

You have provided fantastic support all year. The schools are committed and well chosen, and the school mentors are great. The training isn’t as difficult as you think as long as you keep on top of work and ask for help when you need it. The more people you get to know in schools, the better you will feel.

I wanted to thank you for your great support and help throughout these years as said before, and of course for your fantastic references, thanks so much! But, especially, I wanted to thank you for feeling proud of me and for always believing in me 🙂 . I can tell you that you have inspired me in the professional and personal level and meeting people like you has been one of the best things that has happened to me in these hard two years.

There are many reasons why people want to teach. Often, it’s because they enjoy working with children and young people and they want to make a difference to their lives.

Sometimes, it’s driven by a real passion for their subject area or they are inspired by their own experience of education.

It’s certainly a profession that provides fun, variety and challenge. No two days are the same – and you’ll definitely feel that you are having a positive impact on young people’s lives.

By becoming a teacher, you’re also joining a profession that offers a huge variety of career opportunities – many of which you probably can’t even imagine at this moment.

But at our Teaching School, we see the many different career paths that people take – and we support them along the way. Future opportunities could include:

  • Head of French/German/Spanish, or a Modern Languages department.
  • Specialist Leader in Education – providing support across more than one school in Modern Languages. This could happen within a family of schools working together or, more formally, wtihin a Multi-Academy Trust.
  • A pastoral role, such as Head of Year or Key Stage, or leading on areas such as ‘character education’, ‘student engagement’, ‘managing progress’, etc.
  • Senior leadership roles, defined by your experience and the needs of the school – ranging from Assistant and Deputy Heads to Heads of School, Headteachers and Executive Heads.
  • Working within a Teaching School, School Centred Initial Teacher Training and teacher professional learning, as a coach, mentor, trainer or facilitator.
The UK government is committed to increasing the proportion of pupils gaining language qualifications. To do this, they need more language teachers – so you would be joining a profession that really needs you.

As a languages teacher, you’ll be in demand, so this puts you at a real advantage when looking for your first job.

Teaching languages introduces pupils to other cultures and improves their communication skills. A language GCSE can also give them an edge when applying to study a wide range of degree courses at the university. In addition, languages will prepare them to compete in a global job market. In fact, around three-quarters of employers responding to the CBI’s Education and Skills Survey 2015 said they needed their employees to have some foreign language skills.

So as a languages teacher, you’ll not only be giving pupils the chance to become fluent in another language, you’ll also be providing them with a solid platform from which they can succeed in life.

On top of the job security and satisfaction, teaching languages also offers a competitive starting salary of at least £22,467, or £28,098 in inner London and a diverse range of opportunities for rapid career progression.

  • You are supported at every stage by experienced mentors.
  • You train with other modern languages trainees.
  • You are taught by experts in language teaching.
  • You receive first class, school-based training but with full access to University facilities.
  • You can train in both state and independent schools.
  • Your placements are in the very best modern language departments.
  • We provide a unique familiarisation programme and support from the very start.
  • You are part of a cohort of trainees, providing you with friendship and support.
  • You join a well-established Teaching School that will be with you every step of your career, and with a track record of getting trainees into employment.
  • Your course is designed by current teachers, rooted in the reality of life in the classroom.

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