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Could you translate your love of languages into a career in teaching?

We are looking for passionate linguists with sound subject knowledge who have the potential to train to be outstanding teachers of MFL (modern foreign languages).

We welcome applicants with an understanding of the educational context in England but will offer a programme of acclimatisation for those trainees who need to gain this experience.

We are looking for applicants who can demonstrate good written English, personal resilience, enthusiasm, confidence, the ability to be reflective and emotional intelligence.

Find out more about our entry requirements here.

You don’t need a degree in languages to train with us!

Whilst many of our trainees have language degrees, some are fluent in a modern language but have studied other subjects – ranging from academic subjects such as history or science, all the way through to more vocational subjects such as finance or marketing.

Some of our trainees are native speakers of a language taught in English schools. They of course, also have a high level of English.

Others join us from a well-established career and are at that point in their life when they want to do something different.

Want to know how you could fund your training?

Did you know that there is a bursary of up to £25,000 available?

We are happy to advise you at every stage of your application. Our trainees come from all walks of life and so we have a wealth of experience to draw upon when advising you about your options. Find out more here about the funding available, including bursaries, student loans and scholarships.

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